Preparation for Gastroscopy

For the best possible examination, your stomach must be completely empty. It is important to follow these steps.

– If your gastroscopy is in the MORNING: FAST FROM MIDNIGHT (NO LIQUIDS OR SOLIDS)

– If your gastroscopy is in the AFTERNOON: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE CLEAR FLUIDS (coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, Jell-O)

– If you are taking Coumadin, Aspirin, Plavix or diuretics, it is usually necessary to stop these medications 3 days prior to the procedure. Please discuss in advance with your treating physician to see if these can be stopped safely.

– If you have diabetes: your diabetic medication will need to be adjusted prior to starting the preparation for the gastroscopy. Do not take your diabetic pills on the morning of the procedure. If you are on insulin, discuss what you should do with your diabetes doctor prior to the procedure.

– If you are allergic to any medications, soy or eggs, notify the nurse and doctor.