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Private clinic specializing in colonoscopy and gastroscopy

Located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Endovision is one of North America’s state-of-the-art private endoscopic clinics, specializing in colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Our caring and empathetic physicians still believe in taking their time with each and every patient, and our calm, spa-like setting matches individual privacy with twenty-first century amenities.

For more information, consult the FAQs section, “Why Endovision?”

Our Facilities

Designed from the ground up with leading medical industry partners, our premises are equipped with the latest monitoring and infection control equipment.

Endovision has a special Hepa filtered storage cabinet for its endoscopic equipment, certified to the latest BS EN ISO 14644 (British Standards) and CSA (Canadian Standards  Association).  Our environment and climate is controlled in order to ensure our high standards for infection control.

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