What Is The Fecal Immuno Chemical Test (FIT) and Do I Need It?

FIT (Fecal Immuno Chemical Test ) detects blood in your stool (poop) which can be a sign of pre-cancer.

FIT can be done in the comfort of your own home by following the instructions provided in your kit. There are also no dietary or medication restrictions so you can continue to eat your regular meals and take your medications when testing.


How do I get a test kit?

Talk to your doctor and ask for a FIT. If you are eligible for screening, your doctor will give you an order form or a prescription for a free FIT kit. You can then take the order form to a participating lab or pharmacy and pick up your FIT kit.

Does the test cost anything?

The test is free with an order by your doctor. Patients who are eligible for screening are encouraged to contact their doctor.

FIT Test

What happens after I take the test?

Your results will be sent to your doctor who will arrange all necessary follow-up.

What happens if I get an abnormal result?

An abnormal result does NOT mean that you have cancer. However, it is very important to attend follow-up tests such as a traditional colonoscopy to determine the reason for the abnormal result.

What happens if I get a normal result?

A normal result is great news BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN that you do not have pre cancerous colon polyps it just means that they have not started to bleed yet.

So yes you can have a normal FIT test result but still have colon polyps which may eventually become cancerous.

A traditional colonoscopy is still the gold standard for detecting and removing colon polyps but if you don’t want one the Fecal immunochemical Test is better than nothing.